How To: Blend shapes and colors in Illustrator

Blend shapes and colors in Illustrator

Learn how to blend shapes and colors in Illustrator with this tutorial. Open Illustrator and put the circle with color which you want. Put the square on the color you want. Select the object, go the title bar select the object and then select the blend. You will be shown the result on the screen. Select the square and circle where you place the object by click and drag method. Go to the object and select the blend and choose the blend options. Change in specific steps which you want in the screen. When you choose 3 or 10 you will be seen the 30r 10 steps in between the object. Select the color you want. If you want change the appearance. Go to the effect options and select blur and select the one you want. You will seen them on the screen. Go to the object and select blend and release the object.

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