How To: Create comic-style text in Adobe Illustrator CS2

Create comic-style text in Adobe Illustrator CS2

Create some cool comic vectored effects! Watch this Illustrator video tutorial to learn how to make some comic styled text. You will learn how to break text down and add gradients. You will also learn how to create a fake 3D effect as well as some stroke options. All of these techniques will come together in the end as we create a comic book cover worthy logo.

Tutvid is a site devoted to producing tons of video tutorials for Adobe software, like Illustrator. Tutvid's Nathaniel has been designing and animating since he started using Photoshop 4.0 and Macromedia (now Adobe), and shares his self-taught knowledge in these video tutorials for free. Search for Tutvid on WonderHowTo for more helpful graphic design help.

Learn how to create comic-style text in Adobe Illustrator CS2!

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hello :) it's very very nice, this site "wonderhowto" and i like it adobe illustrator cs2......... so good luck ;)

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