How To: Create sunbursts using symbols in Illustrator

Create sunbursts using symbols in Illustrator

This video is about creating sunbursts using symbols in Illustrator.

Create a polygon. Select polygon tool. Click. Select three sided polygon. Select 15 point radius. Fill with red color. Select an object. Go to object, transform, choose scale. Set vertical to 400%. Select our path. Go to layers, and duplicate our path. Select the duplicated path and go to the rotate tool. Click left mouse button on top of path. Hold shift key while rotating our path. Go to layers. Select the new path. Duplicate path. Select "ctrl D" shortcut to repeat. Repeat 6 times. Select all paths. Click right mouse button and select group. Now, select the ellipse tool. Click and hold shift key to create a perfect circle. Go to window, select pathfinder. Select ellipse in our group. Go to align. Align our shapes together. Select all our paths. Go to symbols. Click and choose new symbol. Press ok. Delete the artwork. Go to symbols and find our artwork. We can rescale.

Viewer learns how to create sunbursts using symbols in Illustrator.

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