How To: Make a quick logo for beginners in Illustrator

Make a quick logo for beginners in Illustrator

This is a video about creating a logo using adobe illustrator. First go to adobe illustrator and open the new document. Next if you want to make a logo in rectangular shape take the rectangular and drag it over in the new document. Next choose a color and fill it in the rectangular. Next go for new layer and click the button. Next insert the text what you want in that rectangular. Next increase the text size how much you want. Next if you want to change the color in between the text select the color and then fill. If you want to give the reflection of text, first select the layer and duplicate two layers and then rename those copies. Next go to type option on then go to create outlines. Next go to object transplant, and then reflect and then go to vertical and go to expand in it. Next move the text down. If you want change the text or transparency select the text and do it again up to your satisfaction.

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