How To: Use Adobe Illustrator with a Wacom tablet

Use Adobe Illustrator with a Wacom tablet

Every good illustrator knows the advantage of using a Wacom tablet with Adobe Illustrator. When you plug in a Wacom tablet it doesn't automatically set your tools to be pressure sensitive. Terry White will show you how to set your brushes to really take advantage of your new tablet.

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Great podcast but for the love of God, it's not pronounced "Wah-kum", it's pronounced WayEE-com, like "Way", and "com", as in ".com", I keep telling people this over and over again!

Actually it is pronounced Wah-kum. Call the company, its a japanese word and is pronounced that way. You should stop telling people to pronounce it incorrectly.

If you call them, the thing says "thank you for calling WAH-CUM technologies". therefore you, sir, are an idiot lol

Um, actually in the tutorial that came with my tablet they pronounce it "Wah-kum". Seems like the company that makes the tablet would know how to pronounce it. Just sayin'.

Wah-kum? Like Wha-kuhmole? Allrighty then.

HELP!!! I have my wacom baboo fun. I want to write in adope and in e-mails. I have Office 2007! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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